October 24, 2019 | Recruitment

5 tips on ‘winning’ the job interview

The job interview; we’ve all been there, with most of us often wishing we were somewhere else. But while we know interviews can be daunting, you’ll feel a lot more confident and a lot less nervous if you know you’re properly prepared. Read this blog and you’ll pick up some useful tips on helping you land the job you want:

1. Get the basics right

It’s true what they say; first impressions count. Make sure you turn up for your interview on time and looking presentable. If, for any reason you’re going to be late, make sure you ring or email ahead to let them know.

Once you’re in the interview, be polite and show everyday good manners. If the company takes you on, they’ll want to know you’re the sort of person who’s likely to be able to get on with your co-workers. It’s not rocket science (although it could be, of course, depending on the company)!

2. Do your research

It’s bound to impress the interviewer if you show you have a good understanding of the kind of things the company does and the type of work you’ll be doing if your application’s successful.

A good place to start is the company’s website and social channels. On the website, check out the ‘About Us’ page to pick up a bit of background information and the ‘Services’ and ‘Clients’ pages to further build your knowledge. Showing you have an understanding of the company doesn’t just highlight you’ve done your homework, it also indicates you’re a resourceful candidate who’s prepared to go the extra mile – hopefully just what they’re looking for.

Another way you can find out more about the company is by quizzing anyone you know who works there or used to work there. They’ll be able to give you inside information and tips on the kind of qualities they think the company is likely to be looking for.

Then, of course, you should also quiz your recruitment agent to find out as much as you can about the role.

3. Honesty is the best policy

Recent research revealed that one in ten of us have lied on our CV, with falsehoods about our education and qualifications being the most common.¹

Lying in a job interview or on a CV is never worth it, and sometimes you can get caught out fabricating something that wouldn’t have been a deal breaker anyway.

Even if you do get away with it during an interview and land yourself the job on false pretences, that’s not necessarily the end of it. A former builder and probation officer was recently jailed for two years after it emerged that he had lied on his CV to gain very senior management roles in the NHS that earned him more than £1m over 10 years.¹

4. Overcome those nerves

If it’s a morning interview, get everything you need prepared the night before. That includes your clothes, your pad with the address and name of the interviewer and your personal business cards, if you have them. Getting to the interview early will also prevent any unnecessary anxious moments on your journey in.

Then when you’re in the interview, try not to rush yourself or speak too fast. When we’re nervous, we find it hard to listen and can often answer the wrong question. So, try to slow everything down and give yourself time to breathe; and think.

5. Show your best side

We can’t all captivate the room with our natural charisma and hilarious one-liners. If that’s just not you, don’t try and pretend that is.

You know what your natural strengths are (if you really don’t, ask some of the people you’ve worked with before), and play to those. You may be someone who’s serious and diligent or hard-working and efficient or gentle and considered. Whatever your best qualities, those are the ones you should try to bring to the fore in your next interview.

At Trio Recruitment, we’ve spent 34 years successfully matching candidates and clients. One of the things we focus on is making sure candidates are properly prepared for the interview. Contact us and we’ll give you more ‘best practice’ interview to tips to give you the best possible chance of landing that job.

¹ https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2017/06/20/what-are-most-common-lies-people-tell-their-cvs