January 20, 2020 | Recruitment

5 reasons for employers to use a recruitment agency

When we started thinking about compiling a list of the main benefits of using a recruitment agency to find the perfect candidate for your next role, our thoughts immediately turned to love and romance.

Bear with us for a moment. These days more and more couples are meeting online rather than in traditional ways. So much so that, in a little more than 10 years’ time¹, it’s predicted that more than 50% of couples will meet online. Why? Simply because online dating gives people access to more potential partners and also to individuals who are likely to be a far better match.

That sounds a little bit like what a recruitment agency can do for your business. Let’s take a closer look at five of the top benefits of using a recruitment agency, for an employer, and you’ll see what we mean.

1. Bigger pool of talent

Use a good recruitment agency and you’ll have immediate access to their pool of existing candidates, which will already have been thoroughly vetted. The agency will also know where best to look for other new candidates to add to the list. This can considerably cut down on the time and effort it will take you to find the perfect candidate.

The agency is also likely to have direct access to national job boards at a rate that it would be hard, not to mention time-consuming, for you to negotiate yourself. The more good candidates you have to choose from, of course, the more likely you are to find the perfect employee.

2. Access to suitable candidates

Recruitment is not just a numbers game. For most employers, the quality of applicants is rightly more important than the quantity. With a good recruitment agency, you can have both.

Once you’ve given the agency a brief for the role in question, they will know the qualities to look for and, with the wealth of resources at their disposal, they’ll know where and how best to find them.

They will also know other individuals who may not be actively looking but might be perfect for your role. This gives you access to a pool of talent that you would never otherwise be able to tap into.

3. Support from a trusted expert

A good recruitment agency will be prepared to invest time and energy in a relationship with your business to build a long-term partnership that provides ongoing benefits for both parties. From your point of view, the better they understand everything about your business and the way you work, the quicker they can assess the suitability of candidates and find ones that match the culture of your company.

This kind of close relationship also enables the agency to act proactively on your behalf, recommending new candidates they think would be a perfect fit for you even if there is no existing vacancy. That gives you a chance to get ahead of the game when an appropriate opening does materialise.

With its wealth of experience, an agency will also know the best ways to land your chosen candidate without any last-minute hitches that could hold up, or even de-rail, the process.

A word of advice as you try and decide on which recruitment agency to use: look for one with good knowledge of your local area and your particular business sector. Every region and each industry is different, and it’s good to be working with someone who’s familiar with all the nuances involved in your own specific case.

4. Saving you time, effort and money

The more work a recruitment agency does for you, in terms of finding outstanding candidates for your business, the less you have to do yourself. With all their resources already in place, they will be able to move way faster than you could ever dream of. That alone could make the difference in securing or missing out on the best individual for your next vacant role.

Better still, the agency will handle all the admin, so you won’t be flooded with emails and phone calls from suitable candidates or, even worse, the odd time waster. Nor will you be faced with the tricky, and often arduous, challenge of whittling down the long list to a talent-packed short list.

When you’re ready to make an offer, the agency will handle this part of the process, reducing the amount of stress and effort for you at this stage too.

5. Salary benchmarking

As you will know from your own experience, the salary for a position can be a real deal breaker. If you offer too much, you could well cause friction later down the line within your business. If you offer too little, then you’re likely to lose the best candidates for your role.

Working on this kind of thing day-in day-out, a recruitment agency is perfectly placed to guide you on current market rates in your sector and in your area.

In all these ways, a good recruitment agency will reduce the hassle involved with the recruitment of candidates while also increasing the quality. Win-win.

If you’re an employer interested in talking to a recruitment agency with your best interests at heart, please contact Trio and we’ll be delighted to help in any way we can.

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